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Press about us

Since the opening of the first supermarket - October 23, 1987 - it was always under the close media attention.   Initially, the Supermarket "Kirovskiy" was built as a pilot store, the largest in the Russian Federation. There is a lot of materials with information about the events, that took place in "Kirovskiy", in the archives of television companies, newspapers and magazines of  Ekaterinburg.  Such as, the acceptance of the first store by the State Commission, the opening of the store, the arrival of Gorbachev at Sirenevyi Boulevard, 2, visits of government delegations and much more.

We actively cooperate with the media, provide information and we are open for contacts. The result of our work is clearly reflected in the press.





2, Sirenevyi Boulvard, Ekaterinburg, 620072

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