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Charity has always been an integral part of the team work of the GC 'Kirovskiy'

Since the Soviet times all employees of the supermarket have found time and energy to help the Children House 5. For 28 years the Group of Companies "Kirovskiy" has been taking care of children, disabled people and veterans.

Long-term cooperation links the Council of Veterans of  Kirovskiy district,  the Organization of  Disabled People of  Kirovskiy district with the staff of the supermarket.

There are discount cards "Veteran” for pensioners of  Ekaterinburg, Pervouralsk, Sysert, Nizhniy Tagil, Kamensk-Uralskiy, Asbest, Berezovskiy, Sredneuralsk, Pyshma, Revda, Kachkanar, Nevyansk, Polevskoy, Novouralsk, which give the rights to a 5% discount in the stores.

210 000 pensioners and veterans use this card.

For 20 years we've been helping the Organization of  Disabled People of  Kirovskiy district - monthly payment of utility bills for the office of the organization, significant financial resources have been spent on repairs and furniture equipment, members of the organization are regularly provided with food packages.

The organization of participants and veterans of Kirovskiy district is always provided with food products for organizing events, birthday parties and meetings.

The Group of companies "Kirovskiy" supports all social organizations of the district, paying attention on the veteran organizations in the municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region, where the supermarkets "Kirovskiy" are located.

And the children aren't forgotten either. For the association of youth clubs of Kirovskiy district "Sotsium" football and hockey uniforms, balls, gloves and boots are purchased. The registration fees of participation in the competitions for the football team are paid.

The GC "Kirovskiy" is the main sponsor of social projects of the Council of the High School Students of the district, such as: concerts for veterans, School of Suffrage, the project "Sirenevy isn't grey" and so forth.

The school of the district aren't forgotten either. Construction materials, immunization vaccines, food products, furniture, educational playgrounds and equipment for speech therapy offices are purchased.

Traditionally, the New Year holidays, Maslenitsa, the Day of Children Protection, the Day of Knowledge are regularly organized in front of the supermarket 'Kirovskiy' at Sirenevyi Boulevard,2.

The audience can see both professional actors and children amateur teams of Kirovskiy district. All spectators and participants get prizes and presents. Every year orphans and children from low-income families get Christmas gifts.

Also, personal requests of citizens are performed - the purchase of wheelchairs, travel expenses to the place of treatment, assistance to veterans in the repair of apartments and sanitary equipment, the purchase of medical devices and many others.

For 10 years, the Supermarket Chain "Kirovskiy" has been collecting money for disabled children in need of surgical treatment abroad, in clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg, in sanatorium and rehabilitation centers. Collecting money occurs on the individual child. This initiative has great support among our customers, we are very grateful that their hearts are open to goodness and compassion.

Today, buyers and employees of the Supermarket Chain "Kirovskiy" have helped dozens of children to feel the joy of life, childhood, forget about the pain and suffering.

In 2014 it was allocated for charity more than 42 million rubles.

According to the results of last year, the Group of Companies "Kirovskiy" and personally Igor Kovpak were recognized as the best benefactors of the year with award of an honorary diploma and a medal.




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